Image of a Victorian Kitchen with Burgundy and Yellow

Using a palette of colors that includes colors burgundy and yellow is a way to capture the style and appeal of rustic Victorian cuisine. There are several ways to incorporate these colors in a kitchen in the style of the Victorian countryside to look like it was decorated by a professional. Painting the kitchen walls burgundy or yellow. Use burgundy if the kitchen is large, to create a comfortable and warm atmosphere. If the image of a Victorian kitchen is small, paint it yellow; Light colors help to enlarge a room and the room seems bigger than it really is. Plastered walls can add a rustic touch to the kitchen and help create the feel of a cabin of the Victorian countryside.

Use furniture that captures the appearance image of a Victorian kitchen. Search furniture hardwood that are thick and dodders, like hardwood furniture. A floor made of such material or tiles in earthy tones like brown or burgundy will give a rustic look. Choose curtains for the kitchen whose style is similar to the Victorian countryside. Choose burgundy curtains if the walls are yellow and yellow curtains if the walls are burgundy. This will create a visual contrast and enhance the palette of the kitchen.