Fresh Outdoor Bamboo Shades

Today’s post will speak outdoor bamboo shades. One of most versatile design elements, bamboo is friendly material. Bamboo is actually a grass; it grows faster than most of trees, so it is a highly renewable resource. Bamboo can be used to complement a wide range of decor styles, elegant cottage clean, modern aesthetic.

If you want to introduce a subtle element of bamboo window treatments, try incorporating bamboo hardware. Replace metal rods or plastic curtain rods made of thick stems of polished bamboo, or replace their usual curtain rings stained bamboo. Auctions standard can also be replaced by bamboo carvings, while shades can be reattached with bamboo clips or snaps.

Outdoor bamboo shades curtains and blinds offer an alternative to Stark warm color, cool colors for metal shutters. You can match your blinds or curtains with any style bamboo curtain, floral chintz velvet with gold tassels. Bamboo curtains and blinds can also be used without additional decoration window for a modern look.

If you are not interested in using real outdoor bamboo shades in your window treatments, but still want a reason bamboo, why not buy a set of curtains of bamboo impression? Many reasons patterns used bamboo curtain, curtains kitsch 1950 vintage to modern raw linen panels.