Cheap Recycled Glass Countertops

Today, many environmentalists’ builders are beginning to use a new solid surface made ​​with recycled glass countertops. Choose between two products is a question of style and maintenance.

Recycling glass countertops are made with bottles, windows, lamps and other old and recycled products. Glass is ground melts, color and merges again with a resin to form a solid worktop resistant to scratches and stains. Recycled countertops glass is available in a variety of colors and some manufacturers allow individual selection of color of piece.

Recycled glass countertops have a neutral or clear glass piece of different colors and sizes background color. glass can be opaque, translucent or transparent with sizes ranging from tiny dots similar to a dime pieces. colors are vivid and controlled by counter, so variations are few. If manufacturer allows, customers can combine various shades of glass in same counter. Sinks and stoves are installed below and edges can be molded to form decorative details.

Maintaining glass countertops recycling varies by manufacturer. While some products, such as Eco, need care products such as IceStone require same maintenance than granite. Many other products require regular glass tops sealed. Always consult dealer for best way to care for recycled glass countertops.