Herringbone Backsplash Ideas and Wall Tile Layout Patterns

Herringbone Backsplash, There are many tile layouts to choose from that will allow you to create a back splash that reflects your personal style. There are many options when choosing a tile layout for a splash back. The first idea of course is herringbone. A tile layout that creates visual interest in a splash back is a zigzag pattern. By this arrangement, use rectangular tiles, such as 3-by-6 inch tiles. By this standard, choose pieces that are all one color or choose two complementary colors such as black and white or yellow and red. If you choose to use two colors, make sure you use a color to all horizontal parts and one for the vertical pieces.

Then, talking about herringbone backsplash, and also wall tile layout patterns for the second idea is diagonal. This idea works well for both solid blocks of color and those with designs or marbling. You can also use more than one color for this layout. For example, choose four or five solid tile colors and create diagonal stripes using this layout. And for the third idea is checkerboard. Another provision splash back tiling that uses square tiles is a chess layout. By this standard, choose square tiles in two complementary solid colors such as royal blue or red and white or light blue and soft yellow. The tiles are arranged in rows alternating the panel color to create a chess effect.

Moreover, for the fourth idea is a vertical stripe. Instead of laying out rectangular tile in horizontal lines, consider creating vertical stripes with the tiles to add height to your back splash. This works best when used with strongly colored tiles, and you can mix several complementary colors, such as blue, green and yellow stripes to create. While for the fifth or the last idea is tiles accent. If a bolder all-over pattern is not your taste, you can choose to put accent tiles in various dives your back splash to add texture and interest. Consider interrupt the pattern with a square tile in a copper finish, bronze, gold or silver to add depth to the design. Finally, that’s all about herringbone backsplash that I can share for today. Thank you.