Travertine Countertops Ideas

Travertine countertops – Travertine is a best stone that adds warmth and style to any environment. It is a stone which is available in different finishes natural polished finish to a semi-gloss polished finish for both tile and granite in what is known as full and empty. What this means is that natural travertine has holes that run through the stone. Travertine is exactly what is said of the holes are filled with a smooth finish stone. Occasionally the holes are exposed on the travertine. We can repair these holes and make your new travertine look as well as maintain them for future needs.

Travertine countertops, with the look and style marble classic in a lightweight, customizable finish that costs less than the marble truth (and without the risk of cracking temperature variations), the cultured marble remains a popular material for countertops and vanities. Made of a mixture of fiberglass resin, crushed limestone and pigments, and then coated with a layer of gel transparent, cultured marble is quite soft. Scratches, nicks and discoloration blur of cleaning unsuitable are easily the result of aging. Coated, or take a new glaze, produces, however, a gleam like new.