Repainting Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Repainting kitchen cabinets – The cabinets finished inside the home, are more than likely in the kitchen or bathroom. Over time, the closets tend to fade in the sun, stained by water or, if necessary, have an antiquated finish by how they look or color. Cabinets made ​​of wood veneer or solid wood can be painted, but no melamine laminate models. Wash cabinets with hot water and a little soap. Cabinets dry with a towel. Remove all doors and drawers. Place on a surface covered with plastic. Do along the lines of the wood. Clean and dry all parts to remove dust.

Slightly spend some tempera paint or stain with a small foam roller; a brush can also be used to repainting kitchen cabinets. Do not forget to paint both sides of the doors. Apply two coats of paint on all surfaces. Let each coat dry thoroughly about 6 hours before proceeding to the next.

Add some effects with repainting kitchen cabinets if desired. A little sandpaper the edges of the cabinets for an old and worn look. Use sandpaper block to carve a little topcoat. Applies two layers of water based polyurethane. Finely sand the last coat of paint should be thin, otherwise it will be opaque once dry.