Kitchen Window Valances Ideas for a Border

Curtains and blinds dress the kitchen window valances and may offer a way to add a touch of color. Look at the existing decor of the kitchen to play up themes already present or introduce something new, like a graphic print or bright color. By linking a border with a blind, allowing one to act as a backdrop and the other to stand out as a focal point. Hang a bamboo or matchstick blind in the kitchen window and link it with border booty.

Characteristically swag kitchen window valances hang lower on the sides that they do in the middle. Try a modern floral print with bright bursts of fuchsia, lime and lemon yellow border. Combine it with a blind chocolate color match to a neutral background. If your kitchen has bright colors and use a floral pattern that helps carries the colors for a unified look.

Borders globe vary in style depending on the type of fabric. For a living-dining-kitchen open concept, find a luxurious fabric like silk to unify the three spaces. For example, living and dining areas will do well with silk curtains full length. Add a kitchen window valances silk balloon for kitchen windows to tie everything together.