How to Make Simple Kitchen Valance

A single curtain valance is often used in rooms where it is required or a minimum desired decoration. With some skills to sewing machine and an afternoon, you can make the kitchen valance fabric you prefer.

Instructions to make simple kitchen valance: fold all edges of the canvas twice against the reverse side of the fabric, creating a hem 2.5 cm on all four edges. Click fabric with pins.

The machine sews straight stitch seam allowance leaving a 1.25 cm between pins. Choose one of the edges of 1.55 m to be the top of the valance. Fold the edge down 7.6 cm to the wrong side of the fabric and stuck with pins.

To pass the curtain rod, sews straight along the line of pins. It measures 5 cm from the seam line and pricked with pins. This will be the bottom of the tube to pass the bar. Then sew it.

Iron valance, slide bar through the tube. This is one of the panels of the border. Finally, to make simple kitchen valance, hang the rod on previously installed media.