Different Chrome and Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucet

Choose the metal finish for your kitchen or bathroom faucet can be a daunting task with a variety of options available such. Oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucet in a bath or shower can provide a rustic, country, old world or traditional touch to a space, depending on the design decisions you make in the rest of the room. The choice of chrome fixtures can make a room look more modern, but the chrome can also be used in a wide variety of styles.

Chrome taps may be difficult to maintain, because its glossy finish shows all fingerprints, water spots and dust. You may have to polish with a damp cloth frequently. Oiled bronze fixtures hide better points, although manufacturers consider oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucet can vary widely. Some faucets are bright and almost shine while some are almost black. Matte better hide fingerprints.

Chrome is a less expensive option for your kitchen or bathroom. Since July 2011, some improvement stores offering home bathroom sink oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucet from around $ 200 and sink faucets bathroom chrome from only $ 20. Even neat-de Chrome will not last forever in a bathroom or kitchen as antique bronze, so if the long-term costs are important to you, antique bronze may be a more economical choice in the end.