How to Decorate a Victorian Couch

Victorian couch, which is often referred to as “sofa”, usually consist of ornate woodwork and silk upholstery on a bench frame type. If you have a Victorian couch, an old-fashioned charm it adds to a room. Decorate the sofa by adding one or more accent pieces. Form a curtain couch a rich velvet or silk fabric that complements the existing upholstery. Measure the length velvet sofa and cut a piece of silk or fabric that is twice as long.

Hem the edges of the material. Roll and turn the piece into a long strip and arrange it in a wave pattern in the back of the sofa. Arrange decorative along the Victorian couch cushions for a more luxurious look and add comfort to those who sit on it. Select two matching pillows and place in any corner. Place two pillows to smaller game in front of others.

Add another pillow in the middle. Play with different fabric textures or patterns that stand out against the silk upholstery. Sew a button on the center of each pad on the Victorian sofa to add a point of visual interest. Select a button with a Victorian design, to fit in with the decor of the time.