Easy Diy Corner bar Cabinet

Easy to create a space that serves drinks and snacks in corner bar cabinet, family room or living room. You do not need much space, but you need to plan how to use every square centimeter of space for maximum benefit. A bar cabinet can be made of many different types of new or recycled materials. It can be made to stand out as a distinctive piece of furniture.

Incorporate Storage Features

You can build a shelf for baskets on the counter space for storing napkins, cork screws or special aromas. If your corner bar cabinet wall is high enough separately, you can install metal rack . A lazy Susan cart can be placed inside the base cabinet as well. Rotating shelves can hold an ice cube, cookbooks or blender in an area of ​​the corner that is elusive.

Add barstools

On the outside of the corner space, you can build a real eating bar to surround the corner bar cabinet. Add a couple bar stools at the counter in front of the corner. Another option is to build a bar serving counter to sit. A mirror on the wall behind the counter space bar can add a lot of atmosphere in the room.