Making Counter Height Bar Stools

Counter height bar stools – A typical bar stool is between 29 and 30 inches tall. A standard kitchen counter is 36 inches off the floor. When you try to pull a regular bar stool up to that counter, you will have only six inches of legroom that slide under the counter. This might work for children in your family, but it will not be comfortable for many adults.

A counter height bar stools is the solution. The seat of a stool counter height is 24 to 26 inches from the ground, giving you plenty of legroom. If you already have stools that are bar height, cut the legs to accommodate your accountant. Determine how high you want your stool. Measure your existing feces and subtracting the height required. This will give the amount of the leg to be taken out of your height stool.

Counter height bar stools measure a chair leg ground according to your measurements. Check the leg of the chair that should be cut. Measure the leg from the mark of the seat cushion of the chair. The measurement should be between 24 and 26 inches. Hold a piece of scrap wood to the leg of the chair is marked.