Living Room and Kitchen Arrangement Ideas

When it comes to decorating environments that share the same space , either a living room with open kitchen , living area and dining room and kitchen with office , the first thing to consider is the living room and kitchen arrangement. If you do not have many meters, it is better to follow the same decorative criteria in both environments; however, when the shortage of meters is not a problem, is it possible to combine different styles of furniture and contrasting colors.

Living room with open kitchen being large and at ease spaces was played with contrasting colors so that both remain visually delimited: in the living area overlooking the red and into the kitchen, the gray.  Of course, in both opted for a modern aesthetic it is living room and kitchen arrangement.

The wall opposite the sofa is reserved for installing the flat screen TV and low furniture, tailored lacquered wood in a very soft gray. The seating area was completed with the chair egg, also in red. It was designed in the 6, with the idea of generating a proposal that, from a single piece, managed to solve the seat, back and armrests to living room and kitchen arrangement.