Mini Bar Cabinet Design Ideas

Mini bar cabinet – If you like to entertain or just enjoy a cocktail in the evening to relax, you may want to consider designing your own mini bar. With top class: In order to create a mini bar cabinet, which needs some space on the top bar. Its bar counter does not have to be as durable as your kitchen counter, so it is free to be creative and choose an attractive and interesting finish. Do it yourself by creating a mosaic countertop design with colored glass tiles. For a more industrial look, opt for clean and simple stainless steel. If you want the look of luxury, install a meter solid granite or marble top bar.

Do not forget the basics: A fully stocked mini bar cabinet should include some basic appliances and amenities, and requires a little planning. If possible, make yours a wet bar with plumbing to incorporate a sink and a refrigerator with an ice maker. If you like wine, a wine refrigerator installed under the counter, or if you prefer beer, a complete draft system pulls. Be sure to design the storage space for bottles of spirits and mixers, as well as another bar you do not wish to display and small appliances such as blenders.