Contemporary bar cabinet

Contemporary bar cabinet, the design of this room entered the balcony, turning – in the gourmet area, and enabled the creation of a living environment and one of the TV. It caught my attention the use of wood in the floor, walls and furniture, without weighing environment. Otherwise, I found a beautiful and very cozy room. The flooring and wooden panel unify living environments and serve as a basis for the use of other materials, such as stone, lacquer, and also leather.

Talking about contemporary bar cabinet, stunning center table formed by two parts intersect. The integrated porch was transformed into dining room with gourmet. Doors and curtains were held between the living and dinner, allowing the division, but the only floor strengthens integration. Like this possibility of use environments in various ways. Beautiful wooden bookcase with all different niches. The bottom got ripped doors to hide the devices.

The same wood used in the room panel is repeated in the closets of gourmet cuisine. The gourmet space houses a gas grill and brown silestone bench was a great choice to keep the sophisticated decor that environment. The balcony long also received another living environment. Glass and closing shutters enables the use of this space as room. Finally, that’s all about contemporary bar cabinet that can I share today. Thank you very much.