How to Make Wooden Bar Stools with Backs

There is a high wooden bar stools with backs. The materials needed to produce it are a pair of slats 40×40 mm, a couple of strips of 30×40 mm and a piece of solid wood board of about 350×350 mm and 30 mm thickness.

As for how to make bar stools with backs is the board cut to fit the stool, the option may seem more comfortable using a jigsaw, but I do not like to use it for solid or thicknesses greater than one centimeter wood because the courts do not usually come out very vertical. No timber as will be more homogeneous streaks, but in the case of pine and spruce, where there is much difference between the veins, with some hard and some very soft, the saw blade tends to cut softer areas so that bending is not keeping the vertical and do not realize until we have made ​​the cut.

Using a band saw think it would be ideal to make bar stools with backs, or at least more convenient, fast and which would give us the best finish, but it looks like a toy and used a tendon saw and chisel to make sure the straight and perpendicular to the surface of the board cuts.