Outdoor Towel Rack Ideas

The height at which you hang the towel in your home is a matter of preference staff and depends on the height of the people using towels. Because your home has probably towel in multiple locations, you can place them in several different heights. The towel of bath is usually hung at a height of approximately 48 inches (1.21 m). At this point, the top of the towel is among the hip and shoulder for most people of average size. You can place the outdoor towel rack above or below the recommended 48 inches (1.21 m) tall if you are is too high or low or if using oversized towels.

Many people choose to hang tea towels in the outdoor towel rack and lower cabinet doors. Because the kitchen bar is about 32 inches (75 cm) tall, the towel for this type of configuration is typically about 20 inches (50 cm) from the ground.

If you have an indoor or outdoor pool and want to install outdoor towel rack so that you and your fellow swimmers to hang towels to dry, the shelves should be approximately 48 inches (1.21 m) from the pool deck. This measure is applicable if the shelves are installed outdoors or in a closed natatorium.