The Best Way to Paint Outdoor Wicker Sectional

Outdoor Wicker sectional furniture combined with any decor. Green wicker rocking chair covered with a faded quilt is style country par excellence, while a sleek black rattan chair is ideal for home modern. The white wicker gives freshness to a garden of winter. A natural wicker chairs with cushions or stuffed ads a tropical flair to a room. One of the charms of wicker is its versatility and how easy it is to change their appearance with paint alone.

A well ventilated garage is a good choice. If you will paint outdoors, is a level away from buildings and cars area, and choose a calm day to paint. Protects walls and floors of the garage with rags, paper or old curtains daily. There are several ways to clean and outdoor wicker sectional to prepare it for painting. Heloise advised to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and paint chips.

You can paint the outdoor wicker sectional with a brush, but the spray paint will accelerate the process. Applying at least two layers of wood primer. Let the paint dry completely between coats. Turn the piece and paint the bottom first. When the paint has dried, turn it around again and looks up and sides.