Tabletop Patio Heater

Tabletop Patio Heater-Wood stoves into the category of renewable fuel stoves because they respect the environmental balance. The emission of carbon dioxide, in fact, is minimal. They are ideal for heating up to 120 square meters. It does not require great use of various fuels: wood, coal briquettes, etc.Decorative wood burning stove is a stove that works exclusively with wood and allow to heat large areas and has an important decorative function.

tabletop patio heater Wood stoves are available with a wide choice of finishes, from the simplest, such as metal, the most valuable, as the stove. are available in the version with hob (warmer) and / or furnace,

using tabletop patio heater Wood the heat produced by combustion for cooking the food. Some models take advantage of the process of post combustion that increases the thermal efficiency of the stove while keeping the glass clean.