Wicker Outdoor Furniture Design

Another of the most used to create outdoor furniture and ethnic exotic materials aspect is wicker outdoor furniture. Many people are confused into believing that rattan and wicker are the same, not even from the same category. Wicker comes from the willow plant, a shrub or tree from the family of willows growing in places where humidity is high, and margins of lakes and rivers.

Because its stem is thicker and firmer than its branches, is a very versatile material, as it can create very robust and sturdy furniture, yet flexible time when mixed and twisted both the stem and branches of the plant . It is therefore widely used to build furniture, although I must say that both rattan furniture such as rattan, serve also for exterior and interior, but its strength and nature which makes them perfect to withstand inclement time, so these materials is always associated with wicker outdoor furniture.

How to clean wicker outdoor furniture: Prepare a solution of salt water that is composed of a liter of water and a tablespoon of salt and frequently clean them with a sponge when it dries, you will see the wicker reacquires a whitish, more natural.