How Clean White Plastic Patio Chairs

People often leave the patio furniture outside during the whole year, subjecting the chairs and tables in the sun, the rain, the snow and sleet. Add to that the dirt and grime that attract furniture, chairs and soon will be dirty and unattractive. This is especially true with white plastic patio chairs. The plastic patio chairs that are made ​​are a resin. The resin traps dirt and grime which is highly visible in a white chair. You can clean your white patio chairs and maintain its attractive appearance for years to come.

Chairs rinse thoroughly with a garden hose. This will remove dirt and debris from the plastic patio chairs. Do not rub the chair while doing this. Pour 3.8 liters of warm water in the bucket. Add 3 tablespoons of automatic dishwashing detergent in warm water and detergent mix until dissolved. Dishwasher detergent contains a mild bleaching agent and will not only help remove stains, but also to lighten the color of the chair.

Apply generous amount of detergent solution / water to the chair with a stiff brush. Rub the mixture vigorously on the plastic patio chairs with special attention to areas with dark spots. Let the mixture sit in the chair for 10 minutes and then apply another layer with hard brush, wipe the stain as you apply the mixture.