The Best Patio Table Umbrella

The patio table umbrella comes in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors. Whether you are attached to posts or patio tables, umbrellas offer shade to protect people from the sun and sometimes other elements. Your purchase is an investment that should last for several years. To ensure that the umbrella retains its utility and aesthetics, choose a material that is waterproof and durable enough to withstand wind and severe weather. There are many fabrics available patio mildew resistant additives that can also help extend the life of the umbrella.

Polyester coated with polyurethane, many man-made fabrics are suitable for use patio table umbrella. Polyester is a lightweight fabric that retains its bright dyes over time. Polyurethane is a chemical used in many products to create a layer or protective finish. When the polyester polyurethane is, it makes the fabric becomes waterproof.

The lightweight and waterproof fabric is very suitable for patio table umbrella. Umbrellas covered with polyurethane are flammable and should not be used near candles, such as citronella. Acrylic is another synthetic fabric with waterproof properties. The acrylic exterior is stained with chemical dyes to preserve color when exposed to the elements outside.