Making Patio Lounge Chairs

The macramé is an art form that lets you do a lot of different things, ranging from the decorative to the practical. A series of knots are tied in cords to weave together and form something artistic and generally useful, like patio lounge chairs.

A patio lounge chairs with a strong metal frame and firm A medic tape A string is strong enough to support the weight of a human being and firm enough to hold a good knot without slipping

Measures under the chair, along the back, the seat and width as well. Cut several lengths of cord are equal to the length of the back of the chair, with a few extra centimeters. Repeat Step 2 for the width of the back of the chair and to the length and width of the seat. Tie a string to the right of the frame upper side patio lounge chairs. Use a knot that is simple, but firm and does not slip or loose. A regular square knot is probably the best. Ata one of your laces wide at the top left of the chair with a square knot side.