How to Build Propane Fire Pit Kit

To add the value of your home, you can build propane fire pit kit. It’s also providing an impromptu cookout that can also be used to roast hot dogs and marshmallows, and just to gather around the fireplace on a cold night.

Instructions to build propane fire pit kit: measure width about 3 feet in your backyard where you want to place your small fire. Use the shovel to scratch lines on the ground. Dig a deep place 2 inches apart on a circle that is 3 feet in diameter, using the plus shaped as a guide. Set the first row of interlocking paving for the garden in place along the edge of the bench area. Pavers to establish a time and put them as close to each other.

Set the next row of pavers in place on top of the first row. Alternate pavers for cracks between each row of cobblestones are not aligned. This will prevent the walls wobble and collapse under small amounts of weight and pressure. Place a third row once you have completed the second row. Fill the bottom of 3-4 inches from the propane fire pit kit with gravel to promote drainage of water and make it easier to clean the hole.