Style of Outdoor Fire Pit Table

A popular way to enjoy your backyard is an outdoor fire pit table. A table stove is designed to provide a flame to heat, cooking and entertainment without a sunken fire pit or fireplace. There are several different types of fires in the market and choosing the best table fire pit can be based on factors such as style, cost, size and intended use.

Although outdoor fire pit table designs vary, the basic function is the same. Everyone has a watershed of some coal or wood placement. There is usually a tray underneath to catch the ashes as the material burns. A coffee table fire pit can be designed similar to a traditional coffee table with a border around the basin to establish a drink and rest your feet. Other styles fire pit tables look more like a final table and can be round or square with a pedestal base.

The style you choose is really based on personal preference and style of outdoor fire pit table space. Since the materials used ranging from terracotta to copper, just choose the style that best suits your current decor. For example, if the house has a stucco exterior and landscape style leans toward the desert, a fire terracotta table coordinates well.