Making Upholstered Storage Bench

Upholstered storage bench – Banks with storage box for kitchens are beneficial in many ways, giving us both a place to sit and a place for extra storage. Whether you have a kitchen small and being around the kitchen table is always a chore, or if your kitchen is invaded by books for cooking and appliances you rarely use, a bank with storage will help to solve some problems and takes less a week in the making.

Measured upholstered storage bench, then cut the panel into 2 pieces measuring 2 feet by 16 inches and 16 inches by 6 feet, 2 pieces measuring 6 inches by 16 feet and a piece measuring 2 feet by 6 inches. OSB wooden board has to be cut into a piece measuring 2 feet by 6 feet, and 2×4 need 4 pieces of 6 feet long and 16 pieces that measure 16 inches long.

Upholstered storage bench build the inner frame storage bank. Start with 2 pieces of 6 feet above the floor placed in parallel. Slide 2 inch pieces 16 perpendicular between the ends of the two pieces of 6 feet to create a rectangular shape. Two pieces located more than 16 inches on the other pieces of 16 inches, with all the parts to 2 feet apart about.