Find Out About Monogrammed Towels

Monogrammed items like towels, napkins and pillows are great way to personalize your home and also make thoughtful gifts. There are many ways Monogram elements in country, including by machine embroidery, hand embroidery, transfer paper on canvas, etc. Monogrammed towels can add a touch of elegance to your home, but cannot do much good if it is not displayed correctly. Although there is no single way to display monogrammed towels, you can follow a few guidelines in mind when your towel is to maximize style of your bathroom.


  1. hand towel in half times over time, and full size towels twice longitudinally to monogrammed letter is facing you.
  2. Hang towel on a towel hook or rod for back of towel is hanging two inches below front. This will give your towels nice layered style.
  3. Put hand towels in front of full-size towels, washcloths and place on top of single-folded. Make sure all monograms appear in a singular line to give their towels a symmetrical appearance. If you have two of each towel, you have two separate lines, one on each side.

Tips & Warnings

All monogrammed towels should have same letter so that they can be strung together. Do not mix different monogram towels.