How Make a Modern Nightstands

You may be tired of not having modern nightstands next to your bed to place a watch or clock books and be the point of falling down every time you try to achieve these elements from the soil. Build your own night table, but not in any way; manufactures a curve shape to add furniture modern and practical to your room. Cutting a notch in the front edge of the two parts corresponding to the sides, this is 3/4 inch (1.9 cm) deep and extended to 13 1/2 inches (34.29 cm) from the lower end.

Create the curve on top of the light table. The depth of the sides at the top end should be 16 1/2 inches (41.91 cm), with the curve in the front and the other flat sides. Follow the same steps to form the curve on the modern nightstands.

Tilt the modern nightstands and place the drawer in place. Supports the curved face of the drawer and mark the exact position where you place it. Drilled holes for pins on the leading edges of the pieces that form the drawer sides and back face of the curve. Apply glue and dowels and ensures both parties.