DIY: Cowhide Rug

A carpet of cowhide is as it sounds: a carpet made ​​with the skin of a cow. Generally in the form nature of the animal, the more affordable size skin and can be any color, from rust brown to the white common with black or brown spots. Buying a cowhide rug can be very expensive and also difficult find and animal lovers will not feel comfortable with the concept in general. Create your own carpet using a fake leather and fabric paintings: the cheapest and simplest way to carry out the project. Extends the floor clean micro fiber or other large flat surface.

Make a rough outline of the animal’s skin using the stylus. Draw an irregular oval on the top edge of the cowhide rug, two rectangular serrated edges rounded forms for the front and two more for the rear legs. Connect the oval with legs and feet together with serrated and curved lines. Creates another rectangular timber for the back of the cow at the bottom of the fabric.

Cut the silhouette made with pencil using scissors for cowhide rug. Place the paint on your palette or paper plate. Embeds the brush in the paint and make blotches on the silhouette. Put them irregularly in space, creating large patches in some areas and other small in others.