Decorated with a Mirrored Dresser 1930

Although the Great Depression was ravaging the country in the 1930s, it was also a glamorous and dramatic period. Little furniture reflects well the style of the time as a mirrored dresser. As the young stars of the past, you can sit in front of him and make a thick outlined with kohl pencil or just use the table as a decorative object. The mirrored dresser of the 1930s is made of fine woods such as maple or oak.

If you put some additional decorations in the room, this furniture combines perfectly in your room and turns it into a functional and fun place to dress up and prepare for the day. Two paintings hanging art deco black and white on each side of the main mirror, the mirror above the fins. The 1930 mirrored dresser usually have round mirrors. Small metal hanging on either side.

If the dressing table is asymmetric, you central on the side with less mirror. This will balance the area. Looking gold, silver or bronze. If you can combine wall ornaments with handles of the drawers, the better. Get a cushion chair with spots for your dressing table and combine it with the carpet that will place below it.