How to Recover a Wingback Chair

If you own an old wingback chair and love everything except the fabric, you can retrieve it and make it look just wonderful! Recovering from a wing chair may seem difficult, but with these step by step instructions, you will be enjoying his wingback chair again in no time! The first step is to remove the existing fabric of the chair. Turn the chair, and you should see a series of clips that hold the fabric of the chair. Take a screwdriver and remove the staples out. Now fix the old to the new fabric pieces right sides together. Then sew the front of the wing to the front of the chair back right sides. Do the same with the chair backs and wings.

Now sew the front and back sides of the chair and wings together, creating a cover sheet to the back of the wingback chair. Now with rights sides together, sew the inside and outside of each arm of the chair together then slide them into place on each of the arms of the chair. Attach a piece of cloth on the bottom front of the chair part by stapling both within the seat and under the front of the chair.