How to Make Corner Bookcase

The cornerback’s booksellers can offer you storage in a small space, leaving more space elsewhere. Shelves cornerbacks receive support from both walls so you have to build a set of shelves with their sides. You can design the form of these shelves the way you want, but the most important thing is to make sure the corner bookcase.

Instructions to make corner bookcase: cut the plywood pieces that are long and wide enough for your books and have at least a perfect 90-degree angle. Hold the first piece against the wall in the exact place you want to place it. Locate a beam behind the wall near where you will place the rack using electronic locator beams. Locate a beam in each wall.

A bracket fixed to each wall where find beams using screws with your screwdriver brackets. Align the angle bracket to the line you drew for the site of the shelf. Place the shelf on the brackets and screw the brackets to the shelf below. More fixed shelf brackets below, centering them on the wall and below. Repeat the process to make corner bookcase and making sure the distance between each shelf is correct to place your books.