How to Sew Cover for Bolster Pillows

Bolster pillows – Collars are tube-shaped pillows that make great neck rests. The easiest way to make a cover for a pillow is to use reinforcing strands at the ends of a tube of fabric. This makes the cover easy to sew pillow, and easy to change if you need to wash or if you just want to change the cover for a different look.

Measure the length of the bolster pillows head, the diameter (or width end circular) and circumference. You can measure the circumference by wrapping a flexible tape around the head, or wrapping the ribbon or string around the pillow and then measuring tape or string.

Add the length and diameter of the head together, and then add 2 inches. For example, if the bolster pillows it is 24 inches long and circular ends are 6 inches wide, the result would be 32 inches. Add 2 1/2 to 3 inches to the circumference of the head, depending on how comfortable cover desired. Cut a rectangle of cloth that is as long as the result of step 2, and as high as the result of Step 3. Fold each long edge of the fabric about an inch to the wrong side. Press each fold flat, then stitch it in place with seam allowance of 1/4 inch.