Easy Diy Reclaimed Wood Shelves

There are many ways to use recycled materials to decorate your home to fashion. Reclaimed wood shelves is one of numerous and versatile that you can use recycled materials and allows you to easily build shelves rustic appearance. It combines recycled wood with an old but sturdy ladder scissors and you have recipe for an interesting set of shelves.

  • Supports stairs in place of wall where you will place reclaimed wood shelves and open it in an “A”. When you achieve desired legs stair angle, cut a piece of wood recovered from measurement of top of ladder and screw it in that place so that legs are fixed at angle set.
  • Measure width of steps, and distance between sides of ladder to obtain measurements of shelves. These shorten as they reach top of ladder, since legs begin to approach.
  • Short reclaimed wood shelves. If you wish, you can make shelves between 5 “and 10” (12 cm to 25 cm) longer than distance between steps, so that protrude from legs of ladder.
  • Locate and screw shelves between steps designated, using one screw at a 5 “(12 cm). This type looks better shelf unfinished because rustic appearance of recycled material is preserved.