Protecting Padded Headboard Home to the Wall

Homemade padded headboard is made from large piece of wood that is layered with batting padded and covered with decorative fabric. If you have your own head to your room, then you will need to secure it to the wall. The wall material such as drywall or solid wood will dictate the types of tools and hardware you use.

Directions to protecting padded headboard home to the wall: place the headboard against the wall first; adjusting it to the height you want it up your mattress. Turn your backyard vertical stick and measure 12 cm below the top of that line. Check the 12-inch mark with a pencil. Now turn the yard stick horizontally against the mark you made. If its head is 60 cm wide, makes a mark every 5 centimeters to the entire length of the wall.

Screw the brackets to the wall first in 5-inch mark. Turn the head so that the back facing you. Use your criteria, measuring 12 cm down to 5 centimeters in diameter the width of the back of the headboard. Install the corresponding media the same way you attached them to the wall. Attach the padded headboard brackets to the wall brackets.