What Is Melamine Dinnerware?

Melamine products are sold as practical and unbreakable dishes for use familiar. Many melamine dinnerwares are specially designed for children. After recent stories about melamine dinnerware contamination in such things as food for dogs and baby milks, many consumers are questioning the safety of this material on the dishes.  Melamine is an organic compound, created by the combination of urea with formaldehyde to produce a hard, durable resin. The melamine resin is fire resistant and heat, durable and versatile. It is used to make tiles, slates and a variety of utensils, including dinnerware.

The melamine dinnerware is unbreakable, which apparently makes it a good choice for families and children. It is dishwasher safe. But it is not for microwave or oven. The elements are lightweight and can be molded into various shapes and designs and can be brightly colored or patterned. For every point of view, melamine dinnerware is practical and convenient.

Melamine unfortunately had been added to pet food and baby milk as cheap filler. Chemically, a protein substance appears as if a nutritional analysis is performed. In humans, melamine can cause kidney stones and kidney failure. Cats and dogs have died from eating food contaminated with melamine dinnerware.