Melamine Plates Crafts

Melamine plates are blank slates for a variety of craft projects. If you prefer the paint, tiles, decoupage or accounts, melamine plates are light and decorative option. Some applications require a bit of work preparation and some require special materials, but the end result is worth the effort. Use melamine plate as a canvas to paint a scene or a picture decorative to be seen. The glass or enamel paints work best on the slippery surface. Bake painted according to the manufacturer’s instructions to establish paint plates.

Help your children make a hand print on the board that will become a family treasure. Paint the hand of your son with glass paint and then press firmly at the center of the melamine plates. For a less messy alternative, trace the outline of your child’s hand with pen glass paint and then paint scheme complete.

The second method is not a true footprint, but it will capture the spirit of the project. Enter the relevant information on the front or back of melamine plates with a glass paint pen, including the child’s name and date. There are several poems designed to accompany the memory of the handprint of a child, so you could write one on the plate with a glass paint pen or make a decoupage a paper version.