Making Small Lumbar Pillow

The back drop is punished whether they’re driving around town throughout the day or stuck on your desk. Lumbar support pillows offer the lower curve additional support while promoting good posture in the upper torso. A simple lumbar pillow made ​​of a comfortable material, such as cotton, can be done in one afternoon and used anywhere where you need back support. These small pillows are also fantastic for bed accessories. Mark a rectangle on the canvas that measures 50 by 25 cm.

Fold the rectangle in half with the right side of the fabric inward. Sew along one short side and the long side of the folded rectangle lumbar pillow with the sewing machine, leaving a seam allowance of 1.2 cm. leaves open the third.

Turns out the rectangular bag and push the two bottom corners. Lumbar pillow filled with polyester fill. Put as much stuffing as possible. It is best to create a firm pillow to press your lower back, instead of a soft and flexible pillow. Keep pushing down the filling as you add more until only 2.5 cm of space in the bag. Fold in the upper open edge of the pillow to hide open to view 1.2 cm of fabric edges. Sew along the edge of the pillow to seal the closed end with a zigzag stitch.