How to Build Corner Bookshelf

Corner bookshelf can be useful and attractive in a room in your house. To achieve a higher level appearance, you can take the simple improvement project home building corner shelves by yourself. By making what is known as floating shelves, you can make sure you get that sophisticated look that is being pursued.

Instructions to build corner bookshelf: choose shelf material which high quality. Cut the shelf at an angle of 90 degrees to fit in the corner if it is not already at that angle. Draw a semicircle through the shelf or design of your choice. Cut along this line to create the shelf. Create a slot in the side wall using a flat slotted shelf. Cut the construction grooved to fit the length of each side of the rack. Make a 45-degree angle in the grooved sides will come together in the corner. Try the slots you cut to make sure the slotted lace on them.

Slotted attached to the wall with screws and anchors construction. Finally, to build corner bookshelf, slide the shelf in the corner of the building slotted you have installed. Repeat this process for each corner shelves, spacing them to place the books on each shelf.