Simple Additions of Votive Candle Holders

An affordable way which uses to dress up your decor at home or for special occasions like weddings or parties is votive candle holders. It is easy and inexpensive to make votive candle holders a little touch of style that make them stand out to add decorative details.

Votive candle holders dress up with simple sums that give them a personal touch. For weddings and other occasions, use tags to customize votive candle holders with initials or decorative designs. Find the decals on the scrapbooking section of craft stores or department stores. Stick-on rhinestones or other ornaments to add some style to flats glass votive.

If they are not stick-on rhinestones available, use a hot glue gun or glue points to attach glass ornaments. Around the middle or bottom of the votive candle holder given tie a piece of pretty ribbon. Or, lace glue around clear votive candle holders that are not textured to make beautiful patterns as the candle burns. Using fabrics such as ribbon or lace make sure the fabric does not extend above the middle of the cup to avoid accidental fires.