How to Make Ladder Bookcase

If you have an old staircase of 7.5 meters, you can easily make a rustic ladder bookcase, either with two smaller shelves or higher. The steps serve to support the shelves. Using old pieces of wood will give a rustic look, and you do not even need to paint them.

Directions to make ladder bookcase: cut the ladder of seven meters into four parts. Cut the steps in half, and then cut one of the halves in half; this will give you both sides with six steps each. Put these two parts on the floor mount. Place the plank pine over the parties, anchored on the top rungs, each of one meter and twenty other. Drill four holes with a drill with drill 3 mm. Two holes at each end should be about 20 cm distant from each other.

Repeat for the other five cards Pine, remembering to make the holes in pairs to each end. Secure the boards with wood screws 4 cm. Again, two screws on each end must be 8 feet away from one another. Sand shelves and sides of the timber with coarse sandpaper, then sand the entire piece with the finest sandpaper. Paint the ladder bookcase with the color of your choice.