Making a Double Chaise Lounge

Many people feel that resting in a hammock is the most relaxing way to spend an afternoon of summer. The hammocks can be put in many different places, from your backyard to the beach or the forest. They are very comfortable places to enjoy the weather, take a nap or even overnight. Make your own double chaise lounge with macramé is a great project that will take to complete.

. Make half double cote between each strand of the braid on the far left. Medium beam quad cote 8 cords. One double cote means between each strand braid as follows. Middle quadruple cote six cords. Middle double chaise lounge cote between each strand with the following braid. Middle quadruple cote 8 cords. Fear cote double between each strand of the braid on the far right. Middle double cote in a string of more right. Using the tips tied four rows of alternating square knots and secure with a simple knot.

Braid the side of the hammock and weaves through row with square knots. When you reach the other plug, make double chaise lounge to attach two square knots and ties with the ends and secure with a simple knot. Repeat on the right side.