How to Build a Queen Platform Bed with Storage

There are many different designs of queen platform bed with storage out there, some with storage, and some without. Commercially made platform beds are generally quite expensive, and those with built-in storage are even more. If you use pre-made cubicles storage at the base of its new storage platform bed just got a whole lot simpler. Instructions, Place the cubicle units in a box, boxes facing outwards, with two 75-inch units placed on both sides of the cubicles of 15 cubic inches.

Glue the wooden planks inside the cubicles queen platform bed with storage. Planks are screw anchors, which need to be adjacent to each other in the cubicle walls: one each at top and bottom of the side walls of the cubicle cubic one at the top and bottom side beside the cubic cubicle inside cubicle units long.

Place the shelf brackets along the sides of the inner frame, frac12; inch below the rim. There will be 45 inches on the sides of the interior of the structure, so the position of the brackets on each side, with ten centimeters between them, so support the wooden slats. They should be level with the top of the frame and are about and frac34; inch between them. Screw down. Place the baskets in lockers, and queen platform bed with storage is complete.