White Tufted Headboard Ideas

Adding glamour to your fabric white tufted headboard with stencils, Templates have come a long way since that adorned the walls of the children’s room and wound its way around the cookery. These days’ templates come in beautifully updated styles, from apricots to trellis and more impressions, and can be used not only on the walls, but wooden floors and fabrics. Try this quick and easy project economically upgrade a fabric headboard.

A variety of templates would be beautiful – especially a large damask has a smaller damask separations or separately with larger spaces. Or try a door or a trellis repeat the template for all polished style to white tufted headboard. A monogram or initial too could be used for a classic look.

Once you have all the supplies are ready for a test run. Give the template a whirlwind in a fabric sample to test their skills. This allows you to manage the form of patterns and repetition of the template will be seen in the finished product white tufted headboard. The slow and steady work, making sure not to get too much paint on the sponge and keep the sponge flat on the surface of the fabric to prevent bleeding of painting beyond the edges of the template.