Bentwood Chairs

Bentwood Chairs-Joiner chairs, unlike the soft, mostly made without seat frame and guard-invest in the quarter panels selected directly side-bar or cover zvisom side-bar of and fix the bottom Bosses glue and screws .The material for the manufacturing cabinet seats usually a hardwood sawmills, which has considerable strength. Chairs of other species of wood obtained cumbersome and malomitsnyh. Accordingly, this type of furniture repair also carry out using solid wood hardwood. However, for the replacement of structural elements that are not carriers may be used and another tree.

The basic amount  bentwood chairs of detail, which is made of bentwood furniture, produced by hydrothermal processing and bending. All parts and connecting elements mainly metal braces, screws, grouse, bolts and so The design of a simple curved furniture. Wood furniture consists mainly of parts of circular cross-section, curved profile for a given or made from parts and other round cross section bent in a loop round,

bentwood chairs and other shapes.The chair consists of a bent rear and front legs, side-bar, rings, replacing pronozhku, lokotnykov, bobyshek that reinforce attachment legs, Nagel, an additional connection in the side-bar fastening, plywood seat and back. The back can be plywood or massive parts, for a given curved shape and fastened to the rear legs.