Preparing the Wall Sconces with a Picture

Highlight wall art or framed photos at home by arranging wall sconces on either side. This will not only show their print and provide accent light can also add a romantic whimsical touch to the room. Place candles in their sconces that are scented to match the imagined scent image for even closer attention to the layout. Measure the height of the image with a tape measure, divide the measurement in half and mark this location on the wall with a pencil on both sides of the picture. Then measure at least 4 inches off each side of the image and make two marks with a pencil. Depending on how wide your fixtures are and how much wall space you have, you may want to allow more space between the image and wall sconces.

Type the action from the top of wall lamp with hanging mechanism on the back that attaches to the wall. You need this measure to know where to place the nail. Reference the measure taken in step 2 and measure the same distance from the wall to the top of the wall lamp hits the wall (the mark made in step 3). Make a final note on the wall sconces.