How to Design Laundry Tub Cabinet

The plan should include a storage space that remains useful even with the passage of time. Have perfectly planned cabinets, shelves and sliding doors also serves to keep the laundry under control. The kitchen organization requires effective use of every inch, to leave a well-defined and separate the laundry tub cabinets pace. The real challenge is to unite the two rooms visually.

Measure the interior space to create the laundry tub cabinet. Transcends these dimensions to graph paper to create various levels. For starters, get the measurements of the washing machine and dryer. Creates width of laundry to be equal to that of the aircraft and, if possible, add 24 inches (60 cm).

Uses the same finish laundry tub cabinet and the kitchen. For example, you could acquire all the cabinets in white. Place or sliding doors to hide common type laundry appliances. Deciphers hidden keeping the washer and dryer when not in use and also makes sure that the doors match the decor of the kitchen. Folding or sliding doors installed laundry tub cabinet to reach the waist, just as some options. Place shelves, cabinets and spaces for hanging clothes around machines, whether they go behind doors or look as tidy as possible should be exposed.