How to Attach Room Divider Curtain of a False Ceiling

The curtains can be used for many purposes, from the roof of a window or blank wall for a room divider for privacy and add character to a space of another blatant way. When hanging a room divider curtain of a drop ceiling, the curtains may be hung in a number of ways, including hanging curtain rods, a pulley track system or curtain system.

Directions to attach room divider curtain of a false ceiling: measured by the room where room divider is to be placed, and get a curtain and curtain track in the appropriate lengths. Follow the instructions of the appropriate manufacturer to screw curtain track in the ceiling, where the curtain is to be hung.

Add between 5 and 15 track in track sliders, evenly spaced loops with a curtain, following the manufacturer’s instructions. To match up with the sliders track, place curtain rings curtain loops at the top of the curtain. Take care to place the ring on the curtain to the front of the ring corresponds to the front of the curtain. Slip the curtain ties to the track sliders to hang your room divider curtain.