How to Build Bookcase Room Dividers

Bookcase room dividers keep the open space and light, providing a beautiful container for books. You can build an attractive divider bookcase in almost any space.

Directions to build bookcase room dividers: take a look at the space you want to build your room divider book shelf. Consider the spacing of the shelves a little farther than you would for standard shelf. Cut two side pieces and top and bottom to your bookshelf. Screw these pieces together so that they form the outer frame for your bookshelf.

Mark the points where the shelves should sit down along the two vertical sides of the frame. Remember space on the shelves so that each shelf has an equal area, until the last shelf. Fasten shelves to the frame. Using the same wood from which you made ​​the frame and shelves, cut full sized pieces of wood to prop up the shelves.

Connect support for drilling down through shelf above. Glue the wood to apply more force. Place each bracket on the opposite side of the platform, aligned directly with below it. Secure the stand to the ground or a wall with steel brackets and screws 90 degrees. The final product is delicious bookcase room dividers fourth case is open on both sides.