How to Build Sliding Room Dividers Screen

Sliding room dividers screen is an elegant addition to a room, whether for purely decorative purposes or to provide privacy. This design works on door hardware deviation of the type normally used in cabinets.

Directions to build sliding room dividers screen: measure the width of the area of the sliding doors will cover. Buy a track deviation door to fit the space or buy multiple tracks to a great extent. Install the top door track. Hold the strip against the ceiling and mark the ceiling for the screw holes on the track. Then drill it.

Of the roller screw include in the kit to the upper part of the sliding screen about 3 centimeters from the edges of each screen. Drill pilot holes at the top of the screen and the roller assembly if necessary, and tighten the rolls in place.

Hold the screen vertically at a slight angle and slide the rollers on the track. Use the included bracket button to adjust the screen height. Screw the rolls to another screen and slide it to the track. Finally, to build sliding room dividers screen, use the door slides included in the kit to keep the screens oscillate at the bottom.